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In order to make dance company both successful and fun, we have put together these

guidelines to try to address some of the most common issues and questions. Please

email any dance questions you may have to [email protected] If

you have billing questions please email us at [email protected]


Dance Company Costumes must be paid in full by NOVEMBER 10th. Costumes will

range in price from $60-$120 per costume. Charges will be applied by class around the

last week of October. If you would like to make payments toward costumes before they

are charged they may be applied to your account as a credit. Company fees are

separate and will include 1 entry fee per dance(1 competition) for the Dance Team &

Intro To Company classes. Companies 1-6 will have 2 entry fees per dance (2

competitions), and Elite companies (as well as solo/duo/trios) will have 3 Entry fees per

dance (3 competitions).

Company Fee Payment 1: Due no later than October 1st - $75 per dance (This will be

the only fee owed for Dance Team & Intro To company students)

Company Fee Payment 2: Due no later than November 1st - $75 per dance (This will

be the balance of company fees for levels 1-6).

Company Fee Payment 3: Due no later than December 1st - $75 per dance (This will

be the balance for all elite company dances).


FORM. Solo entry fees are $140 per dance X 3 competitions. Duo/Trio Entry fees are $90 per

dance X 3 competitions.


Please attend all competitions with a friendly and positive attitude towards all dancers

and supporters from our own studio as well as other studios. Please remain quiet while

backstage, change costumes quickly, and be sure to arrive at your call time with hair

and make up done. Most importantly, enjoy your time on stage and have fun!


Attendance is vitally important not only for the individual student but for the entire group.

If a student misses more than 4 of the same classes (for example….if a student misses

their ballet company class more than 4 times) they may be removed from the

choreography. Students who come in to class more than 5 minutes late will be counted

as a half absence (if students are continually coming into class late). If a dancer is

injured, but is watching class and taking choreography notes, it will not be counted as

an absence. However, if a dancer is injured or sick for an extended period of time, we

may need to remove them from choreography until they are safely able to perform. This

will be at the discretion of the instructor. In the event that a dancer must be pulled from

a routine, it is possible that fees cannot be refunded, as the competitions have a no

refund policy. In the case of an injury, we will do our best to try to obtain a refund from

the competition. If Students miss company classes due to school sports or other after

school activities, this will also be counted as an absence.


Ballet: Black leotard, ballet pink tights, ballet shoes (hair in bun) *check with instructor

for style and color of shoes

Tap: Any dance attire students can move and stretch in with black tap shoes. (please

see instructor for style of tap shoe). *Tap 6 & elite tap will need Miller & Ben Jazz Tap


*For all other dance companies please make sure students are wearing dance clothing

that they can stretch and move in (no baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts). Hair should be up

in pony tail or a bun. Please see instructor for the style of shoe. If students wear

dance shorts we ask that they please wear tights underneath.


Some teachers may choose to allow audits in their company classes (providing there is

space, and audit is close to the level of the class). An audit will not normally

participate in the recital or competition, and will not need to order a costume. Audits

are a very important understudy, and should practice & learn the choreography in the

event the teacher asks them to fill in.


Intro To Company Ballet & Tap: It is recommended that all Intro To Company

students take a 2nd class, however, it is not required. Jazz is a great option for intro

students, since jazz company is offered when they are ready to move up to level 1.

Dance Team: Students must take an additional dance class in any style. If Dance

Team students are looking to move into a company class in the future, a ballet class is

highly recommended as a 2nd class.

Ballet Companies 3-6: Students must take a ballet technique class.

Elite Ballet: Students must take a ballet technique class or Ballet 6 company.

Pointe Company: Students must take a ballet company, as well as a ballet technique


Jazz & Musical Theatre Companies: Students in levels 3 & up must take a ballet

technique & ballet company class (or 2nd ballet technique class). Elite students may

take ballet 6 as their additional technique class.

Lyrical & Contemporary Companies: Students in levels 3 & up must take a ballet

technique & ballet company class (or 2nd ballet technique class). Elite students may

take ballet 6 as their additional technique class.

Tap & Hip Hop Companies: Students must take an additional 2 hours of dance

classes per week. Elite tap company members must take tap 6 in addition to elite tap.

All tap 6 & Elite students must have Miller & Ben Jazz Tap Masters. We will be placing

a group order in September, so students will receive discount pricing.


All company students are expected to participate in dress rehearsals and recitals. If you

cannot participate in dress rehearsal or a recital, please notify the instructor as soon as

possible so they can make adjustments, or get a fill-in for the performance (at least 2-3

months in advance). Any students missing rehearsal or recital without notice (unless

due to sickness etc.) will not be able to participate in company the following year.


COMPANY DRESS REHEARSAL: Sunday, March 20th, 10am - 4pm (Elite

companies & solo/duo/trios will do a dress rehearsal in class since their first competition

is before the dress rehearsal date)

Elite Dance Challenge (elite companies, solos, duos, trios)

March 11th - 13th

Stockbridge Theater

Pinkerton Academy

28 Bypass Road

Derry, NH 03038

Dance To Inspire (companies 1-elite and solos/duos/trios)

April 9th & 10th

**PLEASE NOTE location has changed from Plaistow**

Venue TBA

Nashua, NH

Diamond Dance Awards (all companies & dance team)

May 6th & 7th

Double Tree Hotel

2 Somerset Pkwy

Nashua, NH 03063

*Please be sure to set aside all competition dates. We will not have exact

performance days and times until 1 week prior to competition.